Tuesday, September 15

OMG VSIPL (1pm-5pm)[Alcot]

Organizers: Prof. Tony Skjellum (Director - Auburn University Cyber Research Center)

Tutorial: Mathematics of Big Data (1pm-5pm)[Levermore]

Instructors: Dr. Jeremy kepner (MIT) & Mr. Hayden Jansen (MIT)

Tutorial: Introduction to FPGA Programming (1pm-5pm)[Cambridge]

Instructors: Dr. Cherif Chibane (MIT)

Tutorial: Parallel Programming with OpenMP (1pm-5pm)[Garfield]

Instructor: Dr. Tim Mattson (Principal Engineer - Intel)

Wednesday, September 16 Morning

Plenary Session (9:00-10:00)[Eden Vale B]

Chair: Bob Bond / MIT Lincoln Laboratory (9:00)

Keynote Speaker:

Delivering an Exascale Ecosystem for Science

Dr. Jeff Nichols (Associate Director - Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Break (10:00-10:20)

Advanced ASIC & FPGA Technologies (10:20-12:00)[Eden Vale A1]

Chair: David Cousins / BBN

[Best Student Paper Finalist] Hardware-Efficient Compressed Sensing Encoder Designs for ECG

Jiayi Sheng, Chen Yang, Martin C. Herbordt
Boston University

Coarse Grain Reconfigurable ASIC through Multiplexer Based Switches

Karen Gettings, Marc Burke, Jeremy Muldavin, Michael Vai
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Performance and Productivity Evaluation of Hybrid-Threading HLS versus HDLs - presentation

Gongyu Wang, Herman Lam, Alan George, University of Florida
Glen Edwards, Convey Computer Corporation

Aparapi-UCores: A High Level Programming Framework for Unconventional Cores - presentation

Oren Segal, Philip Colangelo, Nasibeh Nasiri, Zhuo Qian, Martin Margala
University of Massachusetts Lowell

High Performance User Space Sockets on Low Power System on a Chip Platforms

Catherine H. Crawford, Piotr Padkowski, Tomasz Baranski, Angela Czubak, Łukasz Raszka
IBM Research

Intel Science & Technology Center on Big Data (10:20-12:00)[Eden Vale C1]

Chair: Tim Mattson / Intel

Invited Talk: The Future of Big Data: Polystore in BigDAWG

Dr. Tim Mattson (Principal Engineer - Intel)

Invited Talk

Prof. Tim Kraska (Dept of Computer Science - Brown)

Invited Talk: Sparse Matrix Multiply with Julia and TileDB

Dr. Stavros Papadopoulos (Senior Research Scientist - Intel)

Invited Talk: ForeCache: Dynamic Prefetching of Data Tiles for Interactive Visualization

Ms. Leilani Battle (MIT CSAIL)

Invited Talk: Integrating Query Processing with Parallel Languages

Mr. Brandon Myers (Dept of Computer Science - University of Washington)

Lunch; View Posters and Demos (12:00-1:00)[Emerson]

An Evaluation of CUDA Unified Memory Access on NVIDIA Tegra K1

John Joseph, Boston University
Kurt Keville, MIT

A Tag Based Vector Reduction Circuit

Ming Wei, Yi-hua Huang
Sun Yat-sen University

Accelerating Laue Depth Reconstruction Algorithm With CUDA

Yue Ke, Nicholas Schwarz, Jonathan Z. Tischler
Argonne National Lab

Debugger for Multi-level Hybrid Parallel Programs on Heterogeneous Accelerator Cluster Architectures – Survey and Challenges

Shamjith K V, Mangala N, Prahlada Rao BB, Sarat Chandra Babu N
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

Program Fracture and Recombination for Efficient Automatic Code Reuse

Peter Amidon, Eli Davis, Stelios Sidiroglou-Douskos, Martin Rinard
MIT Computer Science & AI Laboratory

Using Deep Convolutional Networks for Occlusion Edge Detection in RGB-D Frames

Soumik Sarkar, Iowa State University
Vivek Venugopalan, Kishore Reddy, Michael Giering, Julian Ryde, UTRC
Navdeep Jaitly, Google

Accelerating the Distributed Simulations of Agent-Based Models using Community Detection

Antoniya Petkova, Sumit Jha, Narsingh Deo, Charles Hughes, University of Central Florida
Martin Dimitrov, Intel Corporation

Wednesday, September 16 Afternoon

Manycore Computing 1 (1:00-2:40)[Eden Vale A1]

Chair: Patrick Dreher / MIT

[Best Paper Finalist] Boosting Irregular Array Reductions through In-lined Block-ordering on Fast Processors - presentation

Jan Ciesko, Sergi Mateo, Xavier Teruel, Vicenc Beltran, Xavier Martorell, Jesus Labarta
Barcelona Supercomputing Center

[Best Paper Finalist] MAGMA Embedded: Towards a Dense Linear Algebra Library for Energy Efficient Extreme Computing

Azzam Haidar, Stanimire Tomov, Piotr Luszczek, Jack Dongarra
University of Tennessee Knoxville

[Best Paper Finalist] Optimizing Space Time Adaptive Processing Through Accelerating Memory-bounded Operations - presentation

Tze Meng Low, Qi Guo, Franz Franchetti
Carnegie Mellon University

[Best Student Paper Finalist] A Near-Real-Time, Parallel and Distributed Adaptive Object Detection and Re-training Framework based on AdaBoost Algorithm - presentation

Munther Abualkibash, Ausif Mahmood, Saeid Moslehpour
University of Bridgeport

Implementing Image Processing Algorithms for the Epiphany Many-Core Coprocessor with Threaded MPI

James Ross, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
David Richie, Brown Deer Technology
Song Park, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Dale Shires, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Extreme Form Factors (1:00-2:40) [Eden Vale A3]

Chair: Ken Gregson / MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Invited Talk: SpaceVPX Embedded Computing to Meet the Demands of Space

Dr. Charles Patrick Collier (Air Force Research Laboratory)

Prof. Sertac Karaman (Dept of Aero/Astro - MIT)

Invited Talk: The IEEE Rebooting Computing Initiative

Prof. Tom Conte (Georgia Tech - President IEEE Computer Society)

Invited Talk: Standards to Facilitate Open Architecture and a COTS Ecosystem

Mr. Greg Rocco / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Dave Tremper / Office of Naval Research

Agile Condor: A Scalable High Performance Embedded Computing Architecture - presentation

Mark Barnell, Courtney Raymond, Air Force Research Lab
Christopher Capraro, Darrek Isereau, SRC

Graph & Sparse Data 1 (1:00-2:40)[Eden Vale C1]

Chair: Richard Lethin / Reservoir

Invited Talk: Faster Parallel Graph BLAS Kernels and New Graph Algorithms in Matrix Algebra

Dr. Aydin Buluc (Research Scientist - Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

[Best Student Paper Finalist] Graphulo Implementation of Server-Side Sparse Matrix Multiply in the Accumulo Database - presentation

Dylan Hutchison, University of Washington
Jeremy Kepner, Vijay Gadepally, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Adam Fuchs, Sqrrl

An Accelerated Procedure for Hypergraph Coarsening on the GPU - presentation

Lin Cheng, Hyunsu Cho, Peter Yoon
Trinity College

[Best Paper Finalist] A Task-Based Linear Algebra Building Blocks Approach for Scalable Graph Analytics - presentation

Michael M. Wolf, Jonathan W. Berry, Dylan T. Stark

Sampling Large Graphs for Anticipatory Analytics - presentation

Lauren Edwards, Luke Johnson, Maja Milosavljevic, Vijay Gadepally, Benjamin A. Miller
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Break (2:40-3:00)

Manycore Computing 2 (3:00-4:40)[Eden Vale A1]

Chair: David Cousins / BBN

Heterogeneous Work-stealing across CPU and DSP cores

Vivek Kumar, Alina Sbîrlea, Zoran Budimlic, Deepak Majeti, Vivek Sarkar
Rice University

Achieving Low Latency, Reduced Memory Footprint and Low Power Consumption with Data Streaming - presentation

Olivier Bockenbach, ContextVision
Murtaza Ali, Texas Instruments
Ian Wainwright, High Performance Consulting
Mark Nadeski, Texas Instruments

Embedded Second-Order Cone Programming with Radar Applications

Paul Mountcastle, Tom Henretty, Aale Naqvi, Richard Lethin
Reservoir Labs

Efficient Parallelization of Path Planning Workload on Single-chip Shared-memory Multicores - presentation

Masab Ahmad, Omer Khan
University of Connecticut

Monte Carlo Simulations on Intel Xeon Phi: Offload and Native Mode

Bryar M. Shareef, Elise de Doncker
Western Michigan University

Graphs & Sparse Data 2 (3:00-4:40)[Eden Vale C1]

Chair: Michael Wolf / Sandia

Invited Talk: Graph Programming Interface

Dr. José Moreira
Distinguished Research Staff Member, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

Improving the Performance of Graph Analysis Through Partitioning with Sampling - presentation

Michael M. Wolf, Sandia
Benjamin A. Miller, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Optimization of Symmetric Tensor Computations - presentation

Jonathon Cai, Yale
Muthu Baskaran, Benoît Meister, Richard Lethin, Reservoir Labs

Using a Power Law Distribution to Describe Big Data

Vijay Gadepally, Jeremy Kepner
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Invited Talk: Photonically-Optimized Graph Processors

Dr. Jag Shah (Senior Scientist - IDA)

Best Student Paper Award Presentation (4:40) [Eden Vale B]

Chair: Brian Sroka / MITRE

Best Paper Award Presentation (4:50) [Eden Vale B]

Chair: Jeremy Kepner / MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Reception; View Posters and Demos; Attend BoFs (5:00-8:00)[Emerson & Foyer & Eden Vale]

High Performance Storage (6:00-7:00) [Eden Vale A1]

Chair: Torben Petersen / Seagate

MGHPCC BoF (6:00-7:00) [Eden Vale A2]

Chair: Chris Hill / MIT EAPS

System-on-Chip (6:00-7:00) [Eden Vale A3]

Chair: Kurt Keville / MIT ISN

GraphBLAS BoF (6:00-7:00) [Eden Vale C1]

Chair: Aydin Buluc / LBL

SciDB BoF (6:00-7:00) [Eden Vale C2]

Chair: Marilyn Matz / Paradigm4

Accumulo BoF (6:00-7:00) [Eden Vale C3] unconfirmed

Chair: Adam Fuchs / Sqrrl


AHA Products Group - Abstract

Annapolis - Abstract

Bittware - Abstract

Curtis-Wright - Abstract

Cyntony - Abstract

Dynatem - Abstract

FuturePlus - Abstract

SpiralGen - Abstract

X3-C - Abstract

Thursday September 17 Morning

Plenary Session (9:00-10:00) [Eden Vale B]

Chair: Dr. Albert Reuther / MIT Lincoln Laboratory (9:00)

Keynote Speaker:

The Emerging Field of Performance Engineering

Prof. Charles Leiserson (ACM/AAAS/SIAM Fellow - MIT CSAIL)

Break (10:00-10:20)

Resilient/Secure/Parallel Computing 1 (10:20-12:00)[Eden Vale A3]

Chair: Franz Franchetti/ CMU

Invited Talk: Internet-of-Things Security and Forensics - A New Frontier of Risk and Reward

Prof. Tony Skjellum (Director - Auburn University Cyber Research Center)

Enabling Application Resilience through Programming Model based Fault Amelioration

Saurabh Hukerikar, Pedro C. Diniz, Robert F. Lucas
University of Southern California

Secure Architecture for Embedded Systems

Michael Vai, Ben Nahill, Josh Kramer, Michael Geis, Dan Utin, David Whelihan, Roger Khazan
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

DDR Memory Errors caused by Row Hammer - presentation

Barbara Aichinger
FuturePlus Systems Corporation

Invited Talk: Kickstarting Parallel Computing for the Masses

Mr. Andreas Olofsson (CEO Adapteva)

Bioinformatics & Big Data 1 (10:20-12:00) [Eden Vale C1]

Chairs: Prof. John Quackenbush (Harvard Dept of Biostatistics) & Prof. Wei Ding (Director - Knowledge Discovery Lab U.Mass Boston)

Invited Talk: Apache Spark - In Memory Big Data Analytics

Prof. Matei Zaharia (MIT CSAIL - Founder DataBricks)

Invited Talk: Pfizer's Computing Infrastructure for Molecular Design: use of HPC, the Cloud, and Service-Oriented Architecture

Dr. Enoch Huang (Head of Computational Sciences Pfizer)

DAWN: Rapid Larse-Scale Protein Multiple Sequence Alignment and Conservation Analysis - presentation

Darrell O. Ricke, Anna Shcherbina
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Invited Talk: Discovering Disease Subtypes from Data

Prof. Jennifer Dy (Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering - Northeastern)

Invited Talk: High Performance Computing in RNA Bioinformatics

Prof. Peter Clote (Dept of Biology - Boston College)

Lunch; View Posters and Demos (12:00-1:00)[Emerson]

Thursday September 17 Afternoon

GPU 1 (1:00-2:40) [Eden Vale A1]

Chair: Dan Campbell / GTRI

Sorting Sixteen Numbers

Ming Ouyang
University of Massachusetts Boston

GPU Acceleration of Iterative Physical Optics-based Electromagnetic Simulations

Vivek Venugopalan, Cagatay Tokgoz

An Energy-Efficient Abstraction for Simultaneous Breadth-First Searches - presentation

Adam McLaughlin Jason Riedy David A. Bader
Georgia Institute of Technology

Accelerating K-Means Clustering with Parallel Implementations and GPU computing - presentation

Janki Bhimani, Miriam Leeser, Ningfang Mi
Northeastern University

Resilient/Secure/Parallel Computing 2 (1:00-2:40)[Eden Vale A3]

Chair: David Cousins / BBN

Atomic-Delayed Execution: A Concurrent Programming Model for Incomplete Graph-based Computations - presentation

Pedro C. Diniz
University of Southern California

Leakage Evaluation on Power Balance Countermeasure Against Side-Channel Attack on FPGAs - presentation

Xin Fang, Pei Luo, Yunsi Fei, and Miriam Leeser
Northeastern University

Parallel Vectorized Algebraic AES in MATLAB for Rapid Prototyping of Encrypted Sensor Processing Algorithms and Database Analytics - presentation

Jeremy Kepner, Vijay Gadepally, Braden Hancock, Peter Michaleas, Elizabeth Michel, Mayank Varia
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Big Data Strategies for Data Center Infrastructure Management Using a 3D Gaming Platform

Matthew Hubbell, Andrew Moran, William Arcand, David Bestor, Bill Bergeron, Chansup Byun, Vijay Gadepally, Peter Michaleas, Julie Mullen, Andrew Prout, Albert Reuther, Antonio Rosa, Charles Yee, Jeremy Kepner
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Bioinformatics & Big Data 2 (1:00-2:40)[Eden Vale C1]

Chair: Don Peck / General Electric

D4M: Bringing Associative Arrays to Database Engines

Vijay Gadepally, Jeremy Kepner, William Arcand, David Bestor, Bill Bergeron, Chansup Byun, Lauren Edwards, Matthew Hubbell, Peter Michaleas, Julie Mullen, Andrew Prout, Antonio Rosa, Charles Yee, Albert Reuther
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

[Best Student Paper Finalist] Improving Big Data Visual Analytics with Interactive Virtual Reality

Andrew Moran, MIT Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Vijay Gadepally, Matthew Hubbell, Jeremy Kepner, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Biomedical Relation Extraction Using Stochastic Difference Equations

Carl Tony Fakhry, Kourosh Zarringhalam, Ping Chen
University of Massachusetts Boston

High Performance Computing of Gene Regulatory Networks using a Message-Passing Model

Kimberly Glass, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School
John Quackenbush, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard School of Public Health
Jeremy Kepner, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Lustre, Hadoop, Accumulo - presentation

Jeremy Kepner, William Arcand, David Bestor, Bill Bergeron, Chansup Byun, Lauren Edwards, Vijay Gadepally, Matthew Hubbell, Peter Michaleas, Julie Mullen, Andrew Prout, Antonio Rosa, Charles Yee, Albert Reuther
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Break (2:40-3:00)

GPU 2 (3:00-4:40)[Eden Vale A1]

Chair: Hahn Kim / Lockheed Martin

Algorithm Flattening: Complete branch elimination for GPU requires a paradigm shift from CPU thinking

Lucas Vespa, Alexander Bauman, Jenny Wells
University of Illinois Springfield

GPU Implementation of Reverse Coordinate Conversion for Proteins - presentation

Mahsa Bayati, Jaydeep P. Bardhan, Miriam Leeser
Northeastern University

Bisection and Twisted SVD on GPU - presentation

Lu He, Yan Luo, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Rui Liu, Wake Forest University
Hengyong Yu, Yu Cao, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Xuzhou Chen, Fitchburg State University
Seung Woo Son, University of Massachusetts Lowell

GPU accelerated geometric multigrid method: comparison with preconditioned conjugate gradient

Iulian Stroia, Lucian Itu, Cosmin Niţă, Laszlo Lazăr, Constantin Suciu

Full-Chain Benchmarking for Open Architecture Airborne ISR Systems: A Case Study for GMTI Radar Applications

Matthias Beebe, Matthew Alexander, Paul Foley, Denise Galejs, Stephen Mooney, Iulian Popescu, Kevin Rottman, Meryl Stav
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Resilient/Secure/Parallel Computing 3 (3:00-4:40) [Eden Vale A3]

Chair: Patrick Dreher / MIT

Automatic Cluster Parallelization and Minimizing Communication via Selective Data Replication - presentation

Sanket Tavarageri, Benoit Meister, Muthu Baskaran, Benoit Pradelle, Tom Henretty, Athanasios Konstantinidis, Ann Johnson, Richard Lethin
Reservoir Labs

Enabling On-Demand Database Computing with MIT SuperCloud Database Management System

Andrew Prout, Jeremy Kepner, Peter Michaleas, William Arcand, David Bestor, Bill Bergeron, Chansup Byun, Lauren Edwards, Vijay Gadepally, Matthew Hubbell, Julie Mullen, Antonio Rosa, Charles Yee, Albert Reuther
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

FIDES: Enhancing Trust in Reconfigurable Based Hardware Systems

Effective Parallelization Strategies for Scalable, High Performance Radio Frequency Ray Tracing - presentation

Christiaan Gribble, Jefferson Amstutz
SURVICE Engineering Company

Devu Manikantan Shila, Vivek Venugopalan, UTRC
Cameron Patterson, Virginia Tech

Bioinformatics & Big Data 3 (3:00-4:40)[Eden Vale C1]

Chair: Chansup Byun / MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Hierarchical Clustering and K-means Analysis of HPC Application Kernels Performance Characteristics

M.L. Grodowitz, Sarat Sreepathi
Oak Ridge National Lab

Multi-modal Sensor Registration for Vehicle Perception via Deep Neural Networks

Michael Giering, Vivek Venugopalan, Kishore Reddy

A Signals Processing and Big Data Framework for Monte Carlo Aircraft Encounters

Andrew Weinert
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

A Cloud-based approach to Big Graphs - presentation

Paul Burkhardt, Chris Waring