Thursday, September 15
2016 IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference (HPEC ‘16) Twentieth Annual HPEC Conference 13 - 15 September 2016 Westin Hotel, Waltham, MA USA
Plenary Session 9:00-10:00 in Eden Vale B Chair: Dr. Albert Reuther / MIT Lincoln Laboratory Keynote Speaker: Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Non-Conventional Computer Architecture Mr. Trung Tran (DARPA MTO - Program Manager) Break 10:00-10:20 Eden Vale Foyer GPU & Manycore 1 10:20-12:00 in Eden Vale A1/A2 Chair: James Lebak / Mathworks [Best Paper Finalist] How naive is naive SpMV on the GPU? Markus Steinberger (Max Planck Institute), Andreas Derler (TU Graz), Rhaleb Zayer, Hans-Peter Seidel (Max Planck Institute) [Best Student Paper Finalist] Towards Parallel Implementation of Associative Inference for Cogent Confabulation Zhe Li, Qinru Qiu (Syracuse University), Mangesh Tamhankar (Intel) Silicon Photonic Memory Interconnect for Many-Core Architectures Ke Wen, Hang Guan, David M. Calhoun (Columbia University), David Donofrio, John Shalf (Lawrence Berkeley Lab), Keren Bergman (Columbia University) GPU-Accelerated Charge Mapping Ahmed Sanaullah, Kathleen Lewis, Martin C. Herbordt (Boston University) Unified and Lightweight Tasks and Conduits: A High Level Parallel Programming Framework Chao Liu, Miriam Leeser (Northeastern University) Big Data 1 10:20-12:00 in Eden Vale A3 Chair: Tim Mattson / Intel Invited Talk: Challenges and Solutions to Sustaining the HDD Industries Capacity Growth Dr. Mark Re (Seagate Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer) Benchmarking the Graphulo Processing Framework Timothy Weale (Department of Defense), Vijay Gadepally (MIT), Dylan Hutchison (University of Washington), Jeremy Kepner (MIT) BigDAWG Polystore Query Optimization Through Semantic Equivalences Zuohao She, Surabhi Ravishankar, Jennie Duggan (Northwestern University) [Best Student Paper Finalist] From NoSQL Accumulo to NewSQL Graphulo: Design and Utility of Graph Algorithms inside a BigTable Database Dylan Hutchison (University of Washington), Jeremy Kepner, Vijay Gadepally (MIT), Bill Howe (University of Washington) The BigDAWG Polystore System and Architecture Vijay Gadepally, Peinan Chen (MIT), Jennie Duggan (Northwestern University), Aaron Elmore (University of Chicago), Brandon Haynes (University of Washington), Jeremy Kepner, Samuel Madden (MIT), Tim Mattson (Intel), Michael Stonebraker (MIT) Resilient & IoT Computing 1 10:20 - 12:00 in Eden Vale C1/C2 Chair: David Cousins / BBN Invited Talk: End-to-End Security in the Cloud Dr. Robert Cunningham (Chair IEEE Cybersecurity Initiative; MIT Lincoln Laboratory Group Leader Secure Resilient Systems & Technology) Invited Talk: Cyber/Physical Resilience Dr. Igor Linkov (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) Enhancing HPC Security with a User-Based Firewall Andrew Prout, William Arcand, David Bestor, Bill Bergeron, Chansup Byun, Vijay Gadepally, Matthew Hubbell, Michael Houle, Michael Jones, Peter Michaleas, Lauren Milechin, Julie Mullen, Antonio Rosa, Siddharth Samsi, Albert Reuther, Jeremy Kepner (MIT) Adding Scalability to Internet of Things Gateways using Parallel Computation of Edge Device Data Janice Canedo, Anthony Skjellum (Auburn University) I-Vector Speaker and Language Recognition System on Android Christian Vazquez-Machado, Pedro Colon-Hernandez (University of Puerto Rico), Pedro A. Torres-Carrasquillo (MIT) Lunch; View Posters and Demos 12:00-1:00 in  Eden Vale Foyer Optimization of RAID Erasure Coding Algorithms for Intel Xeon Phi Aleksei Marov, Andrey Fedorov (Raidix) Modeling the Performance of 2.5D Blocking of 3D Stencil Code on GPUs Guangwei Zhang, Yinliang Zhao (Xi’an Jiaotong University) Accelerating Clustering Algorithms Using GPUs Mahmoud Al-Ayyoub, Qussai Yaseen, Moahmmed Shehab, Yaser Jararweh, Firas Albalas (Jordan University of Science and Technology) Accelerating FCM-Based Text Classification Algorithm Using GPUs Moahmmed Shehab, Qussai Yaseen, Mahmoud Al-Ayyoub, Firas Albalas, Yaser Jararweh (Jordan University of Science and Technology) GPU Accelerated Semantic Search Using Latent Semantic Analysis Alexandru Iacob, Lucian Itu, Lucian Sasu (Siemens), Florin Moldoveanu (Transilvania University), Constantin Suciu (Siemens) LDPC Performance over the 802.11n Protocol Octavio Salcedo Parra, Brayan Reyes Daza (Universidad Distrital FJC) Parallel Gauss-Seidel Iterative Solution of Laplace's Equation in Clustered1D Hussam Hussein Abu Azab, Adel Omar Dahmane (Université du Québec à Trois- Rivières), Habib Hamam (University de Moncton) Embedded Domain Specific Language for GPU- accelerated Graph Operations with Automatic Transformation and Fusion Stephen Kozacik, Aaron Paolini, Paul Fox, James Bonnett, Eric Kelmelis (EM Photonics), Dennis Prather (University of Delaware) Robust Benchmarking in Noisy Environments Jiahao Chen and Jarret Revels, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology GPU & Manycore 2 1:00-2:40 in Eden Vale A1/A2 Chair: Miriam Leeser / NEU [Best Paper Finalist] A CUDA Implementation of the PageRank Pipeline Benchmark Mauro Bisson, Everett Phillips and Massimiliano Fatica (Nvidia) LU, QR, and Cholesky Factorizations: Programming Model, Performance Analysis and Optimization Techniques for the Intel Knights Landing Xeon Phi Azzam Haidar, Stanimire Tomov (University of Tennessee), Konstantin Arturovm, Murat Guney, Shane Story (Intel), Jack Dongarra (University of Tennessee) Polyhedral Compilation for Energy Efficiency Benoit Pradelle, Muthu Baskaran, Tom Henretty, Benoit Meister, Athanasios Konstantinidis, Richard Lethin (Reservoir Labs) Implementing Hilbert Transform for Digital Signal Processing on Epiphany Many-Core Coprocessor Kyle L. Labowski, James A. Ross, Patrick W. Jungwirth (Army Research Lab), David A. Richie (Brown Deer Technology) Distributed and Configurable Architecture for Neuromorphic Applications on Heterogeneous Cluster Khadeer Ahmed, Qinru Qiu (Syracuse University), Mangesh Tamhankar (Intel) Resilient & IoT Computing 2 1:00-2:40 in Eden Vale C1/C2 Chair: David Cousins / BBN Invited Talk: Future DoD Computing and the Emergence of Autonomous Systems Mr. Robert Bond (MIT Lincoln Laboratory Associate Head, ISR Systems & Technology Division) Invited Talk: OpenVMS: 40 Years of Mission Critical Computing Mr. Clair Grant (Director of R&D VMS Software, Inc) Systems Design of Cybersecurity in Embedded Systems M. Vai, D. Whelihan (MIT), N. Evancich, K.J. Kwak, J. Li (Intelligent Automation), M. Britton, J. Foley, M. Lynch (Alion Science and Technology), D. Schafer, J. DeMatteis (Air Force Research Laboratory) Analyzing Heterogeneous Computing Architectures for ADAS and Mobile Imaging Applications Rafal Malewski (NXP), Markus Levy (EEMBC) High-throughput Ingest of Data Provenance Records into Accumulo Thomas Moyer, Vijay Gadepally (MIT) Quantum Tools & Information Theory 1 1:00-2:40 in Eden Vale C3 Chair: Steve Reinhardt / D-Wave A Quantum Macro Assembler Scott Pakin (Los Alamos National Laboratory) Realistic Simulation of Error in Quantum Computing Circuits Kevin M. Obenland, Andrew J. Kerman (MIT) ToQ.jl: A high-level programming language for D-Wave machines based on Julia Daniel O’Malley, Velimir V. Vesselinov (Los Alamos National Laboratory) Software Systems for High-performance Quantum Computing Travis S. Humble, Keith A. Britt (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Solving large optimization problems with restricted quantum annealers Federico Spedalieri, Tameem Albash (University of Southern California) Break 2:40-3:00 Eden Vale Foyer GPU & Manycore 3 3:00-5:00 in Eden Vale A1/A2 Chair: Brian Sroka / MITRE GPU Accelerated, Robust Method for Voxelization of Solid Objects Cosmin Nita, Iulian Stroia, Lucian Itu, Constantin Suciu, Viorel Mihalef, Manasi Datar, Saikiran Rapaka, Puneet Sharma (Siemens) Design Space Exploration of GPU Accelerated Cluster Systems for Optimal Data Transfer Using PCIe Bus Janki Bhimani, Miriam Leeser, Ningfang Mi (Northeastern University) Performance Analysis and Acceleration of Explicit Integration for Large Kinetic Networks using Batched GPU Computations Azzam Haidar, Benjamin Brock, Stanimire Tomov, Michael Guidry, Jay Jay Billings, Daniel Shyles, Jack Dongarra (University of Tennessee) Parallel Motion Estimation and GPU-based Fast Coding Unit Mode Decision for HEVC Yih-Chuan Lin, Shang-Che Wu (National Formosa University) Big Data 2 3:00-5:00 in Eden Vale A3 Chair: Vijay Gadepally / MIT [Best Paper Finalist] Benchmarking SciDB Data Import on HPC Systems Siddharth Samsi, Laura Brattain, William Arcand, David Bestor, Bill Bergeron, Chansup Byun, Vijay Gadepally, Matthew Hubbell, Anna Klein, Peter Michaleas, Lauren Milechin, Julie Mullen, Andrew Prout, Antonio Rosa, Charles Yee, Jeremy Kepner and Albert Reuther (MIT) [Best Student Paper Finalist] Cross-Engine Query Execution in Federated Database Systems Ankush M. Gupta, Vijay Gadepally, Michael Stonebraker (MIT) Integrating Real-Time and Batch Processing in a Polystore John Meehan, Stan Zdonik Shaobo Tian, Yulong Tian (Brown University), Nesime Tatbul (Intel), Adam Dziedzic, Aaron Elmore (University of Chicago) Data Transformation and Migration in Polystores Adam Dziedzic, Aaron J. Elmore (University of Chicago), Michael Stonebraker (MIT) The BigDawg Monitoring Framework Peinan Chen, Vijay Gadepally, Michael Stonebraker (MIT) [Best Paper Finalist] Julia Implementation of the Dynamic Distributed Dimensional Data Model Alexander Chen, Alan Edelman, Jeremy Kepner, Vijay Gadepally (MIT), Dylan Hutchison (University of Washington) Parameter Setting for Quantum Annealers Kristen L. Pudenz (Lockheed Martin) Abstractions Considered Helpful: A Tools Architecture for Adiabatic Quantum Computers Michael Booth, Edward Dahl, Mark Furtney, Steven P. Reinhardt (D-Wave Systems) An Approach to Big Data Inspired by Statistical Mechanics John A. Cortese (MIT) Associative Array Model of SQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL Databases Jeremy Kepner, Vijay Gadepally (MIT), Dylan Hutchison (University of Washington), Hayden Jananthan (MIT), Timothy Mattson (Intel), Siddharth Samsi, Albert Reuther (MIT)
Quantum Tools & Information Theory 2 3:00-5:00 in Eden Vale C3 Chair: Steve Reinhardt / D-Wave
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