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HPEC is the largest computing conference in New England and is the premier conference in the world on the convergence of High Performance and Embedded Computing. We are passionate about performance. Our community is interested in computing hardware, software, systems and applications where performance matters. We welcome experts and people who are new to the field. The 2021 HPEC technical committee seeks new presentations that clearly describe advances in high performance extreme computing technologies, emphasizing one or more of the following topics: All virtual IEEE-HPEC 2021 is being hosted at Several YouTube videos are available to familiarize yourself with this virtual platform: IEEE-HPEC 2021 Welcome video Setting Password and Profile in video IEEE-HPEC 2021 on Tour video Getting to IEEE-HPEC 2021 Sessions video Confirmed Distinguished Speakers LtC Dr. David Beskow (DevSecOps Lead ARCYBER) - Bot-Match: Social Bot Detection with Semi-Supervised Recursive Nearest Neighbors Search Maj Andrew Bowne (USAF-MIT AI Accelerator) - Robust Neural Differential Models for Navigation and Beyond TSgt Armando Cabrera (USAF-MIT AI Accelerator) - Multimodal Vision for Synthetic Aperture Radar Dr. David Clark (MIT CSAIL; National Academy of Engineering; Internet Architect) - What Do We Want to Know About the Internet Prof. Jonathan Gruber (MIT Department of Economics) - Public Investments in Science for the Economic Security of the United States Serge Leef (DARPA) - Cloud-Scaling and HPC-Enabled Next-Gen ASIC Verification Prof. Miriam Leeser (Northeastern Univ.) & Prof. Martin Herbordt (Boston Univ.) - The Open Cloud Testbed: A resource for FPGA and Cloud Researchers Matthew Lengel (New York State Canal Corporation) - Enhanced Embankment Inspections: Managing Risk with Technology Capt Victor "Salsa" Lopez (USAF-MIT AI Accelerator) - Augmented Reality for Rapid Disaster Response Capt Kyle "Gouge" McAlpin (USAF-MIT AI Accelerator) - Objective Performance Prediction & Optimization Using Physiological and Cognitive Metrics Dr. Steven McElwee (PJM Interconnection) - Applying AI to Improve Cyber Situational Awareness Bhavesh Patel (Dell/EMC) - OneAPI Prof. Sandy Pentland (MIT Media Lab Co-Founder; National Academy of Science) - The New Internet: From Communication Medium to Transaction Medium Dr. Sandeep Pisharody (MIT Lincoln Laboratory) - Pushing the Cyber Horizon Past Protected Enclaves Prof. Raul Radovitzky (MIT AeroAstro; Associate Director MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies) - Large-Scale Simulation of Mechanical Instabilities in Soft Materials Dr. Sadas Shankar (Stanford University) - How Does Nature Compute Reality Prof. Michael Stonebraker (MIT CSAIL, Turing Award Winner) - DBOS: Database Operating Systems Dr. Neil Thompson (MIT CSAIL) - The Importance of Computing Power and Algorithms Dr. Brian Vegetabile (RAND) - Understanding Machine Learning Predictions and Connections to Casual Thinking 2021 Special Events MIT/Amazon/IEEE Graph Challenge GraphBLAS forum to define standard building blocks for graph algorithms; organizers: Dr. Timothy Mattson  (Intel); Dr. Scott McMillan (CMU SEI); Dr. Marcin Zalewski (PNNL) Remote Sensing for Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief; organizers: Dr. John Aldridge, Dan Dumanis, Andrew Weinert (MIT LL) HPSEC: High Performance Secure Extreme Computing; organizer: Dr. Michael Vai (MIT LL) BRAIDS: Boosting Resilience through Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support; organizer: Dr. Courtland VanDam (MIT LL) Bridging Quantum and High Performance Computing; organizer: Prof. Patrick Dreher (NC State Univ) Scaling HPC Education; organizers: Dr. Julie Mullen (MIT LLSC) and Lauren Milechen (MIT EAPS) AI Challenges; organizer: Dr. Vijay Gadepally (MIT LLSC) Open SuperComputing forum; organizer: Kurt Keville (MIT LLSC)  
2021 IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Virtual Conference 20 - 24 September 2021
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