2016 IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference (HPEC ‘16) Twentieth Annual HPEC Conference 13 - 15 September 2016 Westin Hotel, Waltham, MA USA
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HPEC is the largest computing conference in New England and is the premier conference in the world on the convergence of High Performance and Embedded Computing. We are passionate about performance. Our community is interested in computing hardware, software, systems and applications where performance matters. We welcome experts and people who are new to the field. Keynote Speakers Mr. David Martinez (HPEC Founder; IEEE Fellow; MIT Lincoln Laboratory Associate Head Cyber Security & Information Sciences Division) - HPEC: The Past, Present and Future Outlook Mr. Trung Tran (DARPA MTO - Program Manager) - Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Non-Conventional Computer Architecture Invited Speakers Prof. Gilbert Strang (National Academy of Sciences; SIAM Fellow; MIT Mathematics Department) - Finding the Important Part of a Matrix or Graph Dr. Jennifer Roberts (DARPA I20 - Program Manager) - The Future of Scalable Analytics and Machine Learning Dr. Mark Re (Seagate Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer) - TBD Mr. Robert Bond (MIT Lincoln Laboratory Associate Head ISR Systems & Technology Division) - Future DoD Computing and the Emergence of Autonomous Systems Prof. Aleksander Madry (MIT Computer Science & AI Laboratory) - Linear-Algebraic Methods in Algorithmic Graph Theory Prof. Orran Krieger (Boston University Cloud Computing Initiative) - The Massachusetts Open Cloud: Vision and Early Experiences Prof. Martin Herbordt (Boston University Electrical & Computer Engineering Department) - TBD Prof. Viktor Prasanna (USC Charles Lee Powell Chair in Engineering) - Graph Analytics on FPGAs Prof. Nir Shavit (MIT Computer Science & AI Laboratory) - High Throughput Connectomics: The Building of a Brain-Scope Dr. Robert Cunningham (Chair IEEE Cybersecurity Initiative; MIT Lincoln Laboratory Group Leader Secure Resilient Systems & Technology) - End-to-End Security in the Cloud Dr. Igor Linkov (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) - Cyber/Physical Resilience Mr. Clair Grant (Director of R&D VMS Software, Inc) - OpenVMS: 40 Years of Mission Critical Computing Special Events BigDAWG Big Data Working Group; organizers: Dr. Tim Mattson (Principal Engineer - Intel) & Dr. Vijay Gadepally (MIT Lincoln Laboratory Supercomputing Center) GraphBLAS forum to define standard building blocks for graph algorithms; organizers: Prof. John Gilbert (SIAM Fellow; UC Santa Barbara) & Dr. Scott McMillan (CMU Software Engineering Institute) Massachusetts High Performance Computing; organizers: Dr. Chris Hill (Principal Research Engineer - MIT) & Prof. Patrick Dreher (North Carolina State) Vector, Signal, and Image Processing Libary (VSIPL) standard working group; organizer: Prof. Tony Skjellum (Director - Auburn University Cyber Research Center) Tools for Quantum Computing; organizers: Mr. Steve Reinhardt (D-Wave Systems) & Dr. John Cortese (MIT Lincoln Laboratory) Secure and Resilient Computing; organizers: Dr. Michael Vai (MIT Lincoln Laboratory Secure Resilient Systems & Technology) & Dr. George Kalb (JHU Information Security Institute) RISC-V; organizer: Mr. Kurt Keville (MIT ISN) Tutorials Securing Your Embedded Systems for Cyberspace; instructors: Dr. Michael Vai, Dr. Roger Khazan & Mr. Benjamin Nahill (MIT Lincoln Laboratory Secure Resilient Systems & Technology) Introduction to CUDA and Graph Analytics; Dr. Larry Brown (Solutions Architect - NVidia) OpenMP programming; Dr. Tim Mattson (Principal Engineer - Intel) Mathematics of Big Data: Spreadsheets, Databases, Matrices, and Graphs; organizer: Dr. Jeremy Kepner (MIT Lincoln Laboratory Supercomputing Center) Vendor Demos   Nallatech; SRC The technical committee seeks new presentations that clearly describe advances in high performance extreme computing technologies, emphasizing one or more of the following topics: High Performance Data Analysis Advanced Multi-core Software Technologies Case Studies and Benchmarking of Applications Automated Design Tools Mapping and Scheduling of Parallel and Real-Time Applications Computing Technologies for Challenging Form Factors ASIC and FPGA Advances Open System Architectures Data Intensive Computing Big Data and Distributed Computing Interactive and Real-Time Supercomputing Graph Analytics and Network Science Fault-Tolerant Computing Embedded Cloud Computing Digital Front Ends General Purpose GPU Computing Advanced Processor Architectures Secure Computing and Anti-Tamper Technologies New Applications Frontiers
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