In the interest of everyone’s safety, IEEE HPEC 2020 will presented as a virtual conference.
2020 IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Virtual Conference 21 - 25 September 2020
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Poster presentations will be live on Zoom meetings via the Engagez platform. Please prepare your poster so that you can screen-share it on Zoom. Poster sessions are an excellent format for authors to present their papers and interact with conference attendees for in-depth technical discussions.  The poster should be more of an introduction to the paper so as to initiate a conversation that can get into greater details.   POSTER PREPARATION For your virtual poster, please include short bullets highlighting: the challenge the approach the experiment setup the results Your goal as a poster presenter in a virtual environment is to: draw in the audience rather than overwhelm with too much text and graphics help each attendee get a quick understanding of what your work is about entice each attendee to engage in a conversation with the poster author (breakout rooms will be established for this purpose).  If such a conversation is initiated, the poster should also include intuitively readable graphs that support the results so that the poster aids in the conversation. encourage the audience to read your paper and follow-up with questions either by email, phone or zoom  
Poster Presentation Guidelines