27th Annual
IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Virtual Conference
25 - 29 September 2023

HPEC is the largest computing conference in New England and is the premier conference in the world on the convergence of High Performance and Embedded Computing. We are passionate about performance. Our community is interested in computing hardware, software, systems and applications where performance matters. We welcome experts and people who are new to the field.

We are hosting HPEC from the engagez.net platform at the URL https://www.engagez.net/ieee-hpec-2023. Please click this url to join the conference!

Engagez handles the schedule and Zoom URLs for us. Here are a few videos that will help you get more familiar with engagez.net.

2023 Distinguished Speakers

  • Day 1 Keynote: Steve Oberlin (NVIDIA CTO for Accelerated Computing) – The Future Of Supercomputing in an AI World
  • Day 2 Keynote: Eileen Vidrine (Department of the Air Force Chief Data & AI Officer) – Mission Critical: Power of Operationalizing Data & AI
  • Day 3 Keynote: Dr. Pradeep Dubey (Intel Senior Fellow) – AI for Digital Health & Computational Biology
  • Day 4 Keynote: Prof. Michael Stonebraker (MIT CSAIL & ACM A.M. Turing Award Winner) – Linux is Legacy. Hear What Should Replace It.
  • Day 5 Keynote: Dr. Ivan Sutherland (von Neumann Medal & ACM A.M. Turing Award Winner) – Speeding Progress, Advice for Research Managers
  • Miguel Amigot II (IBL Education) – Building AI Mentors with Custom Indexes, Prompts, Guardrails and APIs
  • Lt. Col. Dr. Sean Atkins (USAF) – Integration of Effort in National Cyber Defense
  • Lt. Col. Dr. Andrew Bowne (USAF) – Legal Opportunities and Challenges
  • Dr. Mike Cafarella (MIT CSAIL) – Information Extraction for Models
  • Dr. James Cuff (MIT Office of Research Computing and Data) – Team Building Inside a Highly Decentralized System: The MIT Office of Research Computing and Data
  • Justin Curtis (Chief of Staff, Sen. Finegold) – Crafting a Legislative Framework for the Age of Generative AI: Insights from ChatGPT
  • Dr. Sudip Dosanjh (NERSC Director, LBL) – TBD
  • Prof. William Green (MIT ChemE & AAAS Fellow) – Combining Physical Laws, AI, HPC, and Experiment to Predict Chemical Reactions and Properties
  • Dr. Bill Harrod (IARPA Program Manager) – The IARPA AGILE Program
  • Frank Indiviglio (CTO, NOAA) – Observing & Modeling the Earth System: Innovation at NOAA
  • Dimitrios Ioannidis, Esq. (Partner at Roach, Ioannidis & Megaloudis, LLC) – Legal Aspects of Generative AI
  • Dr. Daniel S. Katz (Chief Scientist, NCSA, Univ. of Illinois) – Training Next Generation AI Users & Developers at NCSA
  • Arianna Martin (British Petroleum – NAG Partner) – High ‘PI’-Performance Computing: Leveraging Raspberry Pis to Introduce Young Learners to HPC, Linux, and Parallel Programming
  • Prof. Rocael Hernández Rizzardini (Galileo Univ.) – Enhancing Education with AI-Generated Content

2023 Special Events (Tentative)

The technical committee seeks new submissions that clearly describe advances in high performance extreme computing technologies, emphasizing one or more of the following topics:
  • AI / Machine Learning
  • Graph Analytics and Network Science
  • Advanced Multicore Software Technologies
  • Advanced Processor Architectures
  • Automated Design Tools
  • Big Data and Distributed Computing
  • Big Data Meets Big Compute
  • Case Studies and Benchmarking of Applications
  • Cloud HPEC
  • Computing Technologies for Challenging Form Factors
  • ASIC and FPGA Advances
  • Data Intensive Computing
  • Quantum and Non-Deterministic Computing
  • Data Intensive Computing
  • Digital Front Ends
  • Fault-Tolerant Computing
  • Embedded Cloud Computing
  • General Purpose GPU Computing
  • High Performance Data Analysis
  • Interactive and Real-Time Supercomputing
  • Mapping and Scheduling of Parallel and Real-Time Applications
  • New Application Frontiers
  • Open System Architectures
  • Cyber Analysis and Secure Computing

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