28th Annual
IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Virtual Conference
23 - 27 September 2024

Single-Blind Submissions

IEEE-HPEC paper submissions should be submitted for consideration with authors listed in the header of the paper. IEEE-HPEC organizers have decided that IEEE-HPEC paper reviews are to be conducted in a single-blind manner. That is, the reviewers remain anonymous, while the paper author list and author affiliations is disclosed to the reviewers. There are several reasons behind this decision.

1.The purpose of double-blind is to increase equity. The definitive study of 350,000 submissions shows author name has no impact on acceptance. Please see: https://phys.org/news/2021-01-analysis-peer-primary-gender-publishing.html. Among the study’s conclusions, double-blinding may well do long-term harm to efforts to advance equity by diverting resources from more effective approaches.
2. Double-blinding removes important context and introduces misleading details into a submission.
3. Reviewers play a key role in identifying: conflicts-of-interest, duplicative submissions, plagiarism, and unknowing authors. Double-blinding greatly hampers these critical functions which can negatively impact the reputation of a venue. A single high-profile case can permanently damage a venues reputation.

For these reasons, IEEE-HPEC is a single-blind review conference. If a paper is submitted without an accurate author list and affiliations, we will contact the authors to add the author list and affiliations to the submission. If the author list and affiliations is not included, the submission will be “desk rejected”.