27th Annual
IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Virtual Conference
25 - 29 September 2023


Wednesday, September 27

3-K: Keynote Session (10:30-11:00)

Co-Chairs: J. Kepner & A. Reuther

AI for Digital Health & Computational Biology
Dr. Pradeep Dubey (Intel Senior Fellow)

3-1: AI / Machine Learning 2 Session (11:00-12:15)

Co-Chairs: N. Pitsianis & J.Mullen

Asymmetric Grouped Convolutions for Logarithmic Scale Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks [Outstanding Student Paper Award]
Li Jing, Rumen Dangovski, Marin Soljacic (MIT)
Machine Learning Across Network-Connected FPGAs
Dana Diaconu, Yanyue Xie, Mehmet Gungor, Suranga Handagala, Xue Lin, Miriam Leeser (Northeastern Univ.)
Image Segmentation with Topological Priors
Shakir Showkat Sofi, Nadezhda Alsahanova (Skolkovo Inst. of Sci. and Tech.)
Robust Fine-Tuning of Vision-Language Models for Domain Generalization
Kevin Vogt-Lowell, Noah Lee, Theodoros Tsiligkaridis, Marc Vaillant (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
A Massively Parallel BWP Algorithm for Solving Large-Scale Systems of Nonlinear Equations
Bruno Silva (Univ. of Madeira and SRE-RG Madeira), Luiz Guerreiro Lopes (Univ. of Madeira)

Tutorial Session: 3-T (12:15-15:45): Spiral Tutorial

Organizer(s): F. Franchetti & M. Franusich

3-2: AI / Machine Learning 3 Session (12:30-13:45)

Co-Chairs: D. Campbell & L. Brattain

Meta-Learning and Self-Supervised Pretraining for Storm Event Imagery Translation
Ileana Rugina, Rumen Dangovski (MIT), Mark Veillette, Pooya Khorrami (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Brian Cheung (MIT), Olga Simek (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Marin Soljacic (MIT)
Accelerating GNN-based SAR Automatic Target Recognition on HBM-enabled Data-center FPGA
Bingyi Zhang (USC), Rajgopal Kannan (DEVCOM Army Research Lab), Viktor K Prasanna (USC), Carl Busart (DEVCOM Army Research Lab)
An Analysis of Energy Requirement for Computer Vision Algorithms [Outstanding Student Paper Award]
Daniel G Edelman, Siddharth Samsi, Joseph McDonald, Adam Michaleas, Vijay Gadepally (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
Contextualizing Enhances Gradient Based Meta Learning for Few Shot Image Classification
Evan Vogelbaum, Rumen Dangovski, Li Jing, Marin Soljacic (MIT)
Manifold Transfer Networks for Lens Distortion Rectification
Li Jing, Lay Jain, Rumen Dangovski, Marin Soljacic (MIT)

3-3: AI / Machine Learning 4 Session (14:15-15:30)

Co-Chairs: D. Campbell & L. Brattain

Invited Talk: IARPA AGILE Program
Dr. Bill Harrod (IARPA Program Manager)
Automated Indexing Of TEM Diffraction Patterns Using Machine Learning
Nathaniel Tomczak, Sanmukh Kuppannagari (Case Western Reserve Univ.)
Scalable Deep Learning for Pilot Performance Analysis Using Multimodal Physiological Time Series
Noah V Lee (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Patrick Moore (DAF-MIT/AIA), Laura Brattain (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
PaCKD: Pattern-Clustered Knowledge Distillation for Compressing Memory Access Prediction Models
Neelesh Gupta, Pengmiao Zhang (USC), Rajgopal Kannan (DEVCOM Army Research Lab), Viktor K Prasanna (USC)
A Composable Just-In-Time Programming Framework with LLMs and FBP
Andy Vidan, Lars Fiedler (Composable Analytics)

3-4: Scaling HPC Education Session (15:45-17:00)

Co-Chairs: J. Mullen, L. Milechen & H. Jananthan

Invited Talk: Team Building Inside a Highly Decentralized System: The MIT Office of Research Computing and Data
James Cuff (MIT Office of Research Computing and Data)
Invited Talk: High ‘PI’-Performance Computing: Leveraging Raspberry Pis to Introduce Young Learners to HPC, Linux, and Parallel Programming
Arianna Martin (BP, NAG Partner)
Invited Talk: Training Next Generation AI Users & Developers at NCSA
Dr. Daniel S. Katz (Chief Scientist, NCSA, Univ. of Illinois)
Invited Talk: Enhancing Education with AI-Generated Content
Rocael Hernández Rizzardini (Galileo Univ.)
Invited Talk: Building AI Mentors with Custom Indexes, Prompts, Guardrails and APIs
Miguel Amigot II (IBL Education)

3-S1: AI / Machine Learning 5 Special (17:30-19:30)

Co-Chairs: X. Sun & S. Kuppannagari

G-MAP: A Graph Neural Network-Based Framework for Memory Access Prediction
Abhiram Rao Gorle (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras), Pengmiao Zhang (USC), Rajgopal Kannan (DEVCOM Army Research Lab), Viktor K Prasanna (USC)
Accelerating Multi-Agent DDPG on CPU-FPGA Heterogeneous Platform
Samuel Wiggins, Yuan Meng (USC), Rajgopal Kannan (DEVCOM Army Research Lab), Viktor K Prasanna (USC)
Decreasing the Computing Time of Bayesian Optimization using Generalizable Memory Pruning
Alexander E Siemenn, Tonio Buonassisi (MIT)
Creating a Dataset for High-Performance Computing Code Translation using LLMs: A Bridge Between OpenMP Fortran and C++ [Outstanding Student Paper Award]
Bin Lei, Caiwen Ding (Univ. of Connecticut), Le Chen, Pei-Hung Lin, Chunhua Liao (LLNL)
ANEDA: Adaptable Node Embeddings for Shortest Path Distance Approximation
Frank Pacini (Boston Univ.), Allison Gunby-Mann (Dartmouth Coll.), Sarel Cohen (Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo), Peter Chin (Dartmouth Coll.)

3-S2: Open SuperComputing Special (17:30-19:30)

Co-Chairs: K. Keville & Po Hao Chen

Cycle Stealing in Exascale HPC Workloads
Akshaya Bali (Boston Univ.)

MoSAIC, the RISC-V and Mesh Network Prototyping Environment
Farzad Fatollahi-Fard (LBL)