27th Annual
IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Virtual Conference
25 - 29 September 2023


Thursday, September 28

4-K: Keynote Session (10:30-11:00)

Co-Chairs: J. Kepner & A. Reuther

Linux is Legacy. Hear What Should Replace It.
Prof. Michael Stonebraker (MIT CSAIL & ACM A.M. Turing Award Winner)

4-1: Case Studies & Benchmarking 1 Session (11:00-12:15)

Co-Chairs: H.Badawy & D.Cousins

An Analysis of Accelerator Data-Transfer Modes in NoC-Based SoC Architectures [Outstanding Student Paper Award]
Kuan-Lin Chiu, Davide Giri, Luca Piccolboni, Luca Carloni (Columbia Univ.)
High-Level Framework for Solving Systems of the PDEs on Distributed Systems
Yevhen Pankevych, Oleg Farenyuk (Ukrainian Catholic Univ.)
Quantifying OpenMP: Statistical Insights into Usage and Adoption
Tal Kadosh (Ben-Gurion University), Niranjan Hasabnis, Timothy Mattson (Intel), Yuval Pinter (Ben-Gurion University), Gal Oren (Technion)
Solving Sparse Linear Systems via Flexible GMRES with In-Memory Analog Preconditioning
Vasileios Kalantzis, Mark S Squillante, Chai Wah Wu, Anshul Gupta, Shashanka Ubaru, Tayfun Gokmen, Lior Horesh (IBM Research)
Invited Talk: Combining Physical Laws, AI, HPC, and Experiment to Predict Chemical Reactions and Properties
Prof. William Green (MIT ChemE & AAAS Fellow)

Poster Session: 4-P (12:15-14:15) Poster Session

Organizer(s): P. Luszczek & S. Rao

FAxM: FPGA-specific Approximate Multipliers for Accelerators of Machine Learning
Zainab Aizaz, Kavita Khare (Maulana Azad National Inst. of Tech.), Aizaz Tirmizi (IES Coll. of Tech.)
IoT Security: Smart Doorbell to Botnet
Ayyappan Rajesh (UMass Dartmouth)
Nonlinear Spectral Clustering with C++ GraphBLAS [Outstanding Short Paper Award]
Dimosthenis Pasadakis, Olaf Schenk (Univ. della Svizzera italiana), Verner Vlacic, Albert-Jan Yzelman (Huawei Zurich Research Center)
Hypersparse Traffic Matrix Construction using GraphBLAS on a DPU [Outstanding Short Paper Award]
William Bergeron, Michael Jones (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Chase Barber, Kale DeYoung, George Amaiucai, Kaleb Ernst, Nathan Fleming (KSU), Peter Michaleas, Sandeep Pisharody (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Nathan Wells (KSU), Antonio Rosa (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Eugene Y. Vasserman (KSU), Jeremy Kepner (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
Spla: Generalized Sparse Linear Algebra Library with Vendor-Agnostic GPUs Acceleration [Outstanding Short Paper Award]
Egor Orachev, Semyon Grigorev (St. Petersburg St. Univ.)
Twiddle Factor Generation for a Vectorized Number Theoretic Transform [Outstanding Short Paper Award]
Patrick J Brinich (Drexel Univ.), Naifeng Zhang, Franz Franchetti (Carnegie Mellon Univ.), Jeremy Johnson (Drexel Univ.)
Optimizing Quotient Filters using Graveyard Hashing [Outstanding Short Paper Award]
Isabelle A Quaye, Temi Taylor (MIT)
Comparison of Quantum Simulators for Variational Quantum Search: A Benchmark Study
Mohammadreza Soltaninia, Junpeng Zhan (Alfred University)
Application of Natural Language Processing Techniques for Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Content
Ahmed Muntasir Hossain, Sree Veera Venkata Sai Saran Naraharisetti, Mehdi Mekni (Univ. of New Haven)

4-2: Case Studies & Benchmarking 2 Session (12:30-13:45)

Co-Chairs: C. Long & B. Thoelen

Invited Talk: Observing & Modeling the Earth System: Innovation at NOAA
Frank Indiviglio (CTO, NOAA)
Benchmarking Deep Learning Classifiers for SAR Automatic Target Recognition
Jacob Fein-Ashley, Tian Ye (USC), Rajgopal Kannan (DEVCOM Army Research Lab), Viktor K Prasanna (USC), Carl Busart (DEVCOM Army Research Lab)
AOCL-Compression — A High Performance Optimized Lossless Data Compression Library
S Biplab Raut (AMD)
Performance of Graph Neural Networks for Point Cloud Applications
Dhruv Parikh, Bingyi Zhang (USC), Rajgopal Kannan (DEVCOM Army Research Lab), Viktor K Prasanna (USC), Carl Busart (DEVCOM Army Research Lab)
On the Three P’s of Parallel Programming for Heterogeneous Computing: Performance, Productivity, and Portability [Outstanding Student Paper Award]
Atharva M Gondhalekar, Wu-chun Feng (Virginia Tech)

4-3: Case Studies & Benchmarking 3 Session (14:15-15:30)

Co-Chairs: S.Gottlieb & B.Sroka

Leveraging Mixed Precision in Exponential Time Integration Methods [Outstanding Paper Award]
Cody J. Balos, Steven Roberts, David J. Gardner (LLNL)
Exploring Challenges Associated with Employing SmartNICs as General-Purpose HPC Accelerators
Brody Williams, Yong Chen (Texas Tech Univ.), Wendy Poole, Steve Poole (LANL)
A Holistic Optimisation – Success Mantra for HPC Performance
Ashish Bisht, Deepika H V, Haribabu Pasupuleti, S A Kumar, S D Sudarsan (CDAC)
pPython Performance Study
Chansup Byun, William Arcand, David Bestor, Bill Bergeron, Vijay Gadepally, Michael Houle, Matthew Hubbell, Hayden Jananthan, Michael Jones, Anna Klein, Peter Michaleas (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Lauren Milechin (MIT), Guillermo Morales, Julie Mullen, Andrew Prout, Albert Reuther, Antonio Rosa, Siddharth Samsi, Charles Yee, Jeremy Kepner (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
High-Level Frameworks: Effect on Transformer Inference Time and Power on Embedded GPU Devices
Marika E Schubert (Univ. of Pittsburgh), David Langerman (NSF Center for Space, High-Performance, and Resilient Computing), Alan George (Univ. of Pittsburgh)

4-4: General Purpose GPU Computing Session (15:45-17:00)

Co-Chairs: S.Gottlieb & B.Sroka

Acceleration of Synthetic Aperture Radar for On-board Space Systems
Marc Solé, Ivan Rodriguez (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)), David Steenari (ESA), Leonidas Kosmidis (Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC))
FAST-CON: a Multi-source Approach for Efficient ST Connectivity on Sparse Graphs
Leonardo Fraccaroli, Rosalba Giugno (Univ. of Verona), Samuele Cancellieri (Univ. Trento), Federico Busato (NVIDIA), Nicola Bombieri (Univ. of Verona)
A GPU Parallel Algorithm for Finding a Negative Subset Disjoint Cycle in a Graph
Piotr Sielski, Akif Coerduek, Hugo Linsenmaier, Alex Fender (NVIDIA)
Build Energy-Efficient GPU Computing Environment for Machine Learning Algorithms with Register File Packing Technique
Xin Wang (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.), Wei Zhang (Univ. of Louisville)
Multi-Sweep-Line Algorithm for Rectangle Union on GPU and Its Application for VLSI Density Calculation
Chang-Hung Wu, Che-Rung Lee (National Tsing Hua Univ.)

4-S1: AI / Machine Learning 6 Special (17:30-19:30)

Co-Chairs: H. Badawy & J. Mullen

Scalable and Portable Pipelines for Predicting 3D Protein Structures on Standalone and HPC Systems
Adam Michaleas, Darrell O Ricke (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
Lumpy Skin Disease Detection using GUI based Deep Learning Model in Cattle
Manjunath Naikar, Anupama S Nandeppanavar, Medha Kudari (KLE Inst. of Tech.)
Machine Learning at the Edge Using Neural Network Processors
Edwin Lee, Michael A Parker, Michael Cervantes, Benjamin Plotner (Raytheon Technologies)
Modeling and Analyzing Wind Velocity at Entrance Doors to Avoid Accidents
Abu Asaduzzaman, Luke Mercer, Md Raihan Uddin, Yoel Woldeyes (Wichita State Univ.)
Bridge Crack Detection using Horse Herd Optimization Algorithm
Rishitha Ponnuru, Anuradha Govada, Uppu Venkata Sai, Dyutik Chaudhary Suryadevara (V.R Siddhatha Engr. Coll.)
Performance Analysis of Graph Neural Networks for Manufacturing Feature Recognition Problem
Igor Betkier, Mateusz Oszczypała (Military Univ. of Technology), Janusz Pobożniak (Cracow Univ. of Tech.), Sergiusz Sobieski (TIZ Implements)

4-S2: Graph Challenge Special (17:30-19:30)

Co-Chairs: J. Kepner & A. Reuther

Adaptive Sparse Deep Neural Network Inference on Resource-Constrained Cost-Efficient GPUs [Champion]
Ming Dun, Xu Zhang, Huawei Cao, Yuan Zhang, Junying Huang, Xiaochun Ye (Inst. of Computing Tech, CAS)
GLARE: Accelerating Sparse DNN Inference Kernels with Global Memory Access Reduction [Innovation Award]
Shui Jiang (Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong), Tsung-Wei Huang (Univ. of Wisconsin), Tsung-Yi Ho (Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong)
An Integrated Approach to Accelerating Stochastic Block Partitioning [Champion]
Frank D Wanye (Virginia Tech), Vitaliy Gleyzer, Edward Kao (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Wu-chun Feng (Virginia Tech)
uSAP: An Ultra-Fast Stochastic Graph Partitioner [Innovation Award]
Chih-Chun Chang, Tsung-Wei Huang (Univ. of Wisconsin)
RaftGP: Random Fast Graph Partitioning [Innovation Award]
Yu Gao (Huawei Technologies), Meng Qin (HKUST), Yibin Ding, Li Zeng, Chaorui Zhang, Weixi Zhang, Wei Han, Rongqian Zhao, Bo Bai (Huawei Technologies)
Decontentioned Stochastic Block Partition [Honorable Mention]
Ahsen J Uppal (George Washington Univ.), Thomas Rolinger (Laboratory for Physical Sciences), H. Howie Huang (George Washington Univ.)
SMOG: Accelerating Subgraph Matching on GPUs [Champion]
Zhibin Wang, Ziheng Meng (Nanjing Univ.), Xue Li (Alibaba), Xi Lin (NJU), Long Zheng (Huazhong Univ. of Science and Tech.), Chen Tian, Sheng Zhong (Nanjing Univ.)
Triangle Counting Through Cover-Edges [Student Innovation Award]
David A Bader, Fuhuan Li, Anya Ganeshan, Ahmet Gundogdu, Jason Lew, Oliver Alvarado Rodriguez, Zhihui Du (New Jersey Inst. of Tech.)
Fast Triangle Counting [Innovation Award]
David A Bader (New Jersey Inst. of Tech.)